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 Darryl Webb's Life Story





Up until 20 years ago, my life could be summed up as "A search for love." At the age of 12, my life took a dramatic change. My parents were divorced and our family was separated. I grew up feeling like nobody loved me or cared about me. I so much wanted someone to tell me they loved me and that I was important to them. I was confused and began to be angry and bitter inside. I soon began to do things that DID get people's attention. But, they were not the people from whom you would usually want to have attention -- people like police officers, judges, and jailers. Until the time I was 18, I was doing things I knew were wrong, but deep inside I was really trying to get someone to pay attention to me and tell me they loved me. At age 18, I met Kathy, who was 16 at the time, and after knowing each other for one month, we got married. I thought that is what I needed to find love in my life. I needed a wife so I could love her and she could love me. Growing up not feeling loved, my heart became very hard and I couldn't show love to my own family. After sometime, we began to fight and have problems. So I began drinking, but down inside I just wanted to be loved and to be able to love.



About this time in the United States (late 1960's), a movement started among young people called the "Hippie" movement. A whole generation of young people began to talk about love, joy, and peace--all the things I so much wanted to have in my life. Being a hippie meant that you grew your hair long, wore strange clothes, talked with a special hippie language and took drugs. So my wife and I became hippies. For a short time I thought I found the answer for our life. When I took drugs, I felt very loving towards people. But soon that stopped and my life became worse than ever, and now I was also a drug addict. My wife and I began to have problems again and so one day I left her and our kids and began traveling around America.  




                                          Darryl Webb as a Hippie


I was 23 years old at that time and I no longer cared if I lived or died. It's a sad thing to be so young and not want to live. But I felt I had no reason to live. Finally, I ended up in Montana. By the time I arrived there, I had become very sick. I was sick from taking so many drugs and not eating for several days. When I walked into the town, I was wearing a headband, a backpack, and I was playing a harmonica. I came around a corner and there standing in front of me was a guy who looked a lot like me. As soon as I saw him I knew there was something very different about him. He seemed at peace and there was a love in him that I had never seen in anyone before. He invited me to stay with him for 3 days. It wasn't until I later that I found out he was a Christian. After a couple of days, I began to think about my wife and children. I decided to go back and try to start over our new life. My wife sent me a bus ticket to come home.

I left this guy's home without telling him I was leaving and went to the bus station. I was getting ready to get on the bus when I felt as though someone was watching me. I stopped and turned around and there was this Christian guy standing there, looking at me, smiling. I felt kind of ashamed for not telling him I was leaving. But he said, "It's okay. I just wanted to give you a gift before you left." It was then that he gave me a small Christian Bible. I took the Bible and got on the bus and headed back to my family. As I opened the Bible and began to read, I heard someone speak deep in my heart. I heard the words that I had always wanted to hear. I heard this voice say, "I love you and you are important to me." I now know that this was God speaking to me and I realized that the love I had been looking for all my life could only come from God and not people. After I got back with my wife we began to read the Bible and pray, and slowly we began to know who God really was. We learned that Jesus is the Son of God, that there is only one God in Heaven -- He loves people so much that 2000 years ago He sent Jesus to Earth to tell men of His love for them and to die so that we can come to God. After Jesus died, 3 days later He came back to life and He is alive today. We can know Him personally today. He is the only way we can know the one true God. He changes our lives. Where before I had no love, now God has given me His love for people everywhere.

following Gods Footsteps
 The biography of Darryl and Kathy Webb's life is soon to be published by Creation House a division of Strang Publishing on a worldwide basis.